The Grandma: You know how we were talking about selling my car in Florida? I think we should do that. But I can’t find my car key.

The Son-In-Law [SIL]: Did you drive to the airport in Florida before you flew to visit us?

The Grandma: No.I took the airport shuttle. But I usually have my key in my purse.

The SIL: Does one of your neighbors have an extra key to get into your house in FL?

The Grandma: No. I keep it in a safe place in case I lock myself out of the house.

The SIL: Ok, well, assuming we can have a friend get into your house somehow without breaking the law, where is your spare car key?

The Grandma: In my car.

The SIL: Your spare key to the house is in your car?

The Grandma: Don’t be ridiculous. The spare key to the car is.

The SIL: The spare key to your car is *inside* your car.

The Grandma: Yup. My car stays unlocked in my driveway, so if I get into my car and forgotten my key, I have the spare right there.

The SIL: Is your car unlocked then?

The Grandma: No – of course not. Who leaves their car unlocked when they are going to be away for a week?!

The SIL: So your spare car key is locked inside your…car. Is that right?

The Grandma: I’m sure I have the car key with me. I’ve check through all my bags and it’s not here.

The SIL: Do you have the key to your house or is that with the missing car key?

The Grandma: I don’t have any keys. That’s what I am saying. Do you have my keys?

The SIL: I don’t have your keys. Where do you keep your spare key to your house?

The Grandma: In the safe.

The SIL: In the safe? At the bank? In a safe deposit box?

The Grandma: Now why on earth would I keep my spare key to my house in a bank? No. It’s in the safe in my bedroom.

The SIL: So…your spare key to your car is locked in your car and your spare key to your house is locked inside your house.

The Grandma. In a safe.

The SIL: I think we need to find your keys here.

The Grandma: Why do you think I asked to you come help me?

The SIL:

The Grandma: Can you fill up my water pitcher? I don’t know where you keep the ice, but be sure to put lots of it in there too.