The Grandma: Big C, do you want a cup of tea?

The 18 y.o.: Not particularly

The Grandma: Oh. I was just thinking since you are sick that it might be nice.

The 18 y.o.: Thanks for thinking of me, but I’m ok.

The Mom: I think Grandma wants you to make her a cup of tea.

[The Grandma nods sheepishly]

The 18 y.o.: Really? Ok then. Ahem. Grandma? Would you like a cup of tea?

The Grandma: As a matter of fact, I would. It’s like you can read my mind. Not too hot. And two tablespoons of honey. Oh – and lots of milk. And shouldn’t you get something for your mother too?

The Mom: How did I get dragged into this. I’m good.

The Grandma: I’m just always thinking of others.