The Grandma: How old is Tom Brady?

The 18 yo: What? How should I know? I don’t even like football.

The Grandma: I was looking at your father.

The Dad: Why would I know? I’m English. Football means something completely different to me.

The Grandma: Doesn’t anyone know how old Tom Brady is?

The Mom: 39. He’s 39 years old. They said he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1999. Assume he was 22 so he’s 39. Well, 40 this year, I guess since that would make him born in 1977.

The Grandma: Wow. How did you know that?

The Mom: I mathed. Why do you want to know anyway?

The Grandma: I predict that in 10 years Tom Brady is going to be President of the United States.

The 18 yo:

The Dad:

The Mom:

The 10 yo: You mean 12 years, right Grandma? Presidents have a 4-year term in office and this was a new president year. Why do you think Tim Brady is going to be president anyway?

The Grandma: Look at him. Everyone loves him. He plays football. And he’s handsome.

The picture makes as much sense as a conversation with ‘Grandma’