My 10 yo returned to 5th grade in our local elementary school last week after a year and a half of homeschooling. They were on the American Revolution unit in US History.

Teacher: Today we are going to learn about Thomas Jefferson. Does anyone know who he is?

Class:  [crickets]

The 10 yo [slowly raises hand]: George Washington made him the Secretary of State. Jefferson wanted the states to have control over everything. He hated Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton who wanted a strong federal government and national bank. It led to a cabinet battle over the future direction of America.

Jefferson wrote “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We settled for these ideals and shouldn’t settle for any less.”

But Hamilton was all, “How do you not get it? If we assume all the states’ debts, the  nation gets a NEW line of credit – a financial diuretic. By being aggressive and competitive, the union gets a boost but Jefferson wants to give it a sedative.”


The 10 yo:  [mic drop]


– VS –