In addition to taking care of my trio of smart, witty and gorgeous girls, there is a new character in our suburban cast: my 80 y.o. mother.

‘Grandma’, as everyone calls her, came out for a week-long visit for Christmas and she suffered a breakdown of sorts. After visiting a dozen different doctors in as many days, the TL;DR is that she has more than a touch of dementia and needs to be in a living situation where someone is around at all times. For the past month she’s been in our guest bedroom with the girls and I taking ‘shifts’ to be with her. She also says the MOST hilarious things that I’ll be capturing here along with the wit and wisdom of the OC.

Most days she’s pretty ‘with it’ and enjoys reading what I write here. And for entirely selfish reasons, I want to keep a record of the funnier (and possibly poignant) conversations. Enjoy.