The 14 yo: Mom, here’s the cash for the video game I want to download. You said you’d pay for $20 since I got a 100% at the checkpoint for Geometry and I’d pick up the rest.

The Mom: Yup. What do you need from me?

The 14 yo: Your credit card?  So I can pay for the game. Here’s the money I owe you.

The Mom [zips open wallet] I’m so proud of your hard work in school this semester and the good choices you have been making in life lately. [pokes around wallet]

The 14 yo: Thanks, mom.

The Mom: [hands card to the 14 yo] Here’s the card. You know what to do, right?

The 14 yo: Yeah. And it will be much easier if you give me your credit card instead of your library card….