Our family would be the #1 comedy if we were on tv.

I am ‘The Mom’ aka Scarlett of Suburbia and my husband is obviously ‘The Dad’. Clever, right? He is a witty, intelligent British hottie I brought back to America as my 6’7″ tall, blonde souvenir from the time I went to England for 2 weeks and stayed for 6 years.

Fast forward to 2017 where we recently moved from a sprawling updated MCM ranch in a delightful small town on Lake Michigan to master-planned suburban neighborhood [or “motherhood” as I call it] in the heart of the Rocky mountains.

A few months ago, my 81 y.o. mother came to live with us when she was diagnosed with ‘a touch of’ dementia, so everyday with her is, well, interesting and often hilarious. We have a pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels called Mr Darcy [7 y.o. Bleinheim] and Penny [not quite 1 y.o. Ruby].

And finally, there are the stars of this show: my trio of gorgeous, sassy and super smart daughters.

The 18 y.o. “Big C”


Claim to Fame: Pursuing a theatrical acting career since she was 3 years old. Recently accepted to her first choice University to study for her BFA in Acting starting in September, 2017. Invents the perfect new word for things that should have a single English word description. Will finish any leftover food in the house. Thinks we are secretly housing a Russian-Jewish family in our attic (a la Anne Frank). Breaks into random show tunes or Shakespeare monologues at any time.

The 14 y.o. “M”

Claim to Fame: Hasn’t met an electronic device or video game she can’t master in less than an hour. Talented artist whose love of anime can be seen in her drawings. Will crush you playing Mario Cart 8 but Legend of Zelda is her jam. Loves RPG games like D&D. Passionate about horses since she started riding at age 3, one day should would love to be an Olympic Hunter-Jumper champion. Has an IQ higher than Einstein (really – she’s been tested).

The 10 y.o. “Lil C”

Claim to Fame: Makes adults laugh out loud within 5 minutes of meeting her. Minecraft and Animal Jam account for 80% of her screen time. Rarely seen without headphones on. Usually has a sketchbook in one hand and iPad or Nintendo in the other. Mistress of dual-screens, she perches in front of the large tv playing Super Smash Bros or Splatoon while Crunchyroll or Twitch plays on her laptop. Considers all green food evil. Fangirl of Hayao Miyazaki, RWBY and Sword Art Online. Has the vocabulary of a college English professor.

And the adorable filibuster never,ever, EVER stops talking. Never. Never. Ever. Ever.