Co-Founder, CEO, COO, CFO and President of Smith & Daughters 1998 – Present


Responsible for effectively creating and managing multiple budgets
-Spending my husband’s paycheck and any tax refunds
-Borrow from Peter to pay Paul
-Have never embezzled funds from my volunteer positions at school and church

Experienced social media manager on Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

-For some reason, I have 30,000 followers on Pinterest. Also spend 8-10 hours/day on it
-I blog annually or when I think about it then post it on Facebook
-Invested weeks editing my daughter’s 30-second birthday video in 2009

Successful leader across a variety of activities

-10+ years experience organizing parties and fundraisers.
-I’ve been the ‘Room mom’ at least 10 different times, planning 3 parties a year
-Expert at selling magazine subscriptions and girl scout cookies

Adept negotiator at achieving desired win:win scenarios
-I have 3 tween/teenaged daughters who all wear the same size in clothes and shoes
-They are all still alive

Previous Experience

Writer – You’re reading this, right? Well, I wrote it. I also slay 6th grade essays.
Chef – Although ‘short-order cook’ for every person in the house is more accurate.
Interior Decorator – I watch a LOT of HGTV. Same thing, right?
Artist – See volunteering above: have made LOADS of posters, flyers and programs
Motivational Speaker – Every morning with my daughters since they turned 11
Therapist – Every evening with daughters since they turned 11. I detect a pattern here
Personal Shopper – teen girls with caviar dreams on an oatmeal budget
Nurse – Because ‘kisser of boo-boos’ doesn’t sound as professional
Dentist – #spoiler alert: spent years moonlighting as the ‘tooth fairy’
Nutritionist – Catsup became a vegetable in my house around 2005 because I said so
Coach – That year of travel soccer with a gaggle of 11 yo girls then I turned in my whistle
Dance Instructor – Taking daughters to years of ballet lessons qualifies me. Also: watched Dancing with the Stars more times than I care to admit
Etiquette Expert – “We say please when we want someone to do some— CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU CHEW! STOP POKING YOUR SISTER! WELL, SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP! Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’. And remember, I love you.”
Sheriff – my kids call me ‘the Enforcer’ but ‘the Detective’ is more accurate cause I find out everything
Teacher – Thrust into homeschooling my daughters for many years from elementary-aged through high school graduation. Retired now
Entertainer – I juggle responsibilities like a boss. And apparently my mastery of sarcasm amuses people
Maid – my family seems to think so since they leave their crap all over my house, never empty the trash or do their laundry
Chauffeur – Four hours every day between school, activities, playdates and errands
Party Planner – Three daughters with birthday celebrations every year – do the math
Gardener – There was that one year that I managed to grow an organic, heirloom vegetable garden. What? Stop looking at me like that. It happened. I have pictures.
Stylist – I could teach a class on putting together cute girl outfits with accessories in 2 minutes or less.
Scientist – AKA “The Summer Slime Incident of 2017”
Bishop- If I had a dime for all the confessions I’ve heard and been sworn to secrecy on…well, I can’t say because, you know…
Story-Teller – I can put someone to sleep with my stories in 5 minutes flat. It’s a gift.
Adventure Seeker – Unless the ‘outdoors’ is involved. I don’t do ‘outdoors’. Have spent hours in the basement – always an adventure down there. Have also ventured into my teenaged daughters bedrooms.
Event Coordinator – Kicking summer bucket lists like a boss since 2005.
Dream Maker – Have made a lot of dreams come true
Superhero – To at least 4 people in the world

Awards:  Mother of the Year 2024

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