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Field Notes from The Motherhood


January 2016

On Artificial Intelligence

17 y.o: “Wednesdays are cancelled due to scheduling error.” It’s a quote from Nightvale.

The Mom: Ok, I’ll bite…what exactly is Nightvale?

17 y.o: You’ve never heard of Nightvale? ┬áIt’s got a HUGE fandom. I quote it all the time.

The Mom: I’ve heard of ‘Nightvale‘, I just didn’t know what kind of media it was. A movie, tv series, web site or what…

The 17 y.o: How can you not know what it was if you’ve heard of it?

The Mom: Because I see the word a lot online. It’s like VR or AI. Here, I’ll use it in a sentence: AI has been around for ages and it will affect us way into the future. Do you know what AI is?

The 17 y.o: A steak sauce?

Crashed A1


On Teenaging

The 13 y.o: Ok, I’m leaving now for D&D. Be back in 6 hours.

The Mom: Text me if you need anything, k?

The 13 y.o: K

The Mom: Do you have your phone?

The 13 y.o.: Yeah.

The Mom: Is it turned on?


The 13 y.o: Yeah.

The Mom: Do you have money for dinner?

The 13 y.o.: Yeah.

The Mom: Will you actually go and buy dinner?

The 13 y.o: Probably not. See ya.






“Ah…Auntie Anne’s. The smell of childhood.”

The 13 y.o.

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