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September 2015

On Geek Girls and the Moms They Become

The 16 y.o.: You do realize that the image I will always have of you is behind a laptop screen. It’s like your natural habitat.

The Mom: What? Did you say something? Sorry – trying to focus on finding a domain name. Can you come back and interrupt in about 10 minutes?

The 16 y.o.: A-what-is-it you are doing?

The Mom: Trying to buy a URL – you know web site address. YAY! I FOUND THE PERFECT ONE FOR THE PROJECT – GO ME! It’s perfect! Wooohooo!

The 16 y.o.: You know…most women get excited like that over buying new shoes. But with my mom? It’s a URL and designing web site that make her day.



On Middle School Day 1

The Mom: I know it was a super tough day for you, but the thing is – you made it through. And I’m really impressed that you reached out for help when you needed it.

The 13 y.o. (with headphones on, watching a Let’s Play video on her phone)  *eyes flit up, flit back to screen*

The Mom: If you are able to keep it up all week, I was thinking about a reward *reaches out and gently pushes the headphones off* Ahem. I said a reward like going to Gamestop after school on Friday.

The 13 y.o.: Tomorrow.

The Mom: Um, ok.  We won’t buy anything but I’ll take you tomorrow after school.

The 13 y.o.: Nope. Instead. Of. School. *puts headphones back on and turtles into her hoodie*

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