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August 2015

On Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

“He either looks like an adorable dog food model OR he looks like he has just woken up from night of drinking, and hasn’t had his first cup of coffee.”

– The 16 y.o.

Mr Darcy

#NationalDogDay #LoveMyCavvie


On Six Word Stories

Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words (“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”). It is claimed to have been his best work. In the spirit of Hemingway, my 16 yo and 13 yo challenged each other to write 6-word stories


Myth? Maybe. Only the earth knows.


Even in cages, tails still wag.


Around, even once you kick it.


Why myths happen? Jupiter had sex.

Big C 

Blacksmith of new words, pleads guilty.

Mill Pond Park

Swing back, forward before memories fall.


They stay; though they could leave.


Humans? What humans? Only monsters roam.

On Judaism

The Mom:

Judaism is divided into at least 3 types. The Hasidic —

The 16 y.o (interrupting): The acidic, the base and the neutrals.

Star of David

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