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Field Notes from The Motherhood


June 2013

On Mistaken Missionaries

The 14 y.o: LOOK! It’s a Mormon missionary! By himself. That doesn’t happen very often.
The 11 y.o.: They always travel in pairs. Where’s his companion?
The 14 y.o.: I don’t know. Maybe in the bathroom?
The 11 y.o.: Uh, Big C? I think he’s just an office worker dressed up like a missionary. Unless… he’s an undercover missionary!

Mormon Missionary Name Tag


On TV Shows

The Mom: Whatcha watching?

The 14 y.o.: Arrested Development.

The 11 y.o.: Dogtown.

The 7 y.o.: Dr Phil. 

The Mom: Dr Phil?

The 7 y.o.: Yeah. He’s talking to grown up sisters who were bullied by the oldest sister. It’s a topic I am very interested in. For obvious reasons.


Image: Eliane Duvekot Illustration

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