Scarlett of Suburbia

Field Notes from The Motherhood


March 2012

On Presidents-vs-Aliens

The Mom: So what Presidential facts did you learn by playing Presidents -vs- Aliens?
The 9 y.o.: I learned that Ronald Reagan is the BEST president for killing lots of aliens.


On Genius Children

The 9 y.o.: What’s the opposite of Lo?
The Mom: High?
The 9 y.o.: Nope. 70.

On Crosses and Christ

Mommy? Why do other churches have a cross on them? Don’t those people know that Jesus is coming back one day and he will probably stay FAR away from places with a big cross on them? I mean, think about what happened last time…

The 5 y.o.

On Boys Named Mitch

Mitch? That boy’s name is Mitch? Who names their kid Mitch? Mitch is a dad’s name. But then he’d be Mr Mitchell, right?

The 5 y.o. who is clearly not a fan of the name Mitch.

On Rap Music

The Mom: That sounds like the start of a rap song. You’re a little white girl in a Volvo. That’s just wrong.
The 9 y.o.: I’m droppin’ a beat. And my MC is White Chocolate Delight. And you my ‘Red-Hot Mama’!

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