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June 2011

On Tears Before Bedtime

The Mom: Just so everyone knows, we had a talk and I put Lil C in her room for another timeout to think about how to use nice words and not hit people.
The 9 y.o.: Uh mom? Lil C just put her piggy bank outside her room and then closed her door again. What’s up with that?
The 12 y.o.: Maybe she’s posting bail.


On Funny Girls

The Dad: Looks like we’re going to get rained on.
The 9 y.o.: It’s a good thing we don’t have a parade with us.

This ham sandwich is okay for lunch…but tomorrow can I have an ice cream sandwich instead?

The 5 y.o.

We Haz Veggiez!

Can’t believe how quickly things are sprouting up, given the biblical rainfall we received immediately after we planted the entire garden! Thought we’d have to replant, but instead it’s like Eden out there.

First ripe tomato: Early Bird variety:


Corn popping up nicely:


Some other ‘crops’ that I had to convince my dear husband *not* to pull as weeks:


Blueberry bush may actually produce a few berries this year.


Bits and pieces of the rest of the garden – love how the red leaf lettuce and rainbow chard ‘pop’ in the pics:



Could not have gotten to this point without help from family (hubby, children). Our little garden is definately a team effort:



Will update again after the 4th of July. Happy harvesting!


Fireflies are so adorable! Look at all those lights – it’s like they are having a firefly parade in the meadow tonight.

The 5 y.o.

Moms Rule | Dads Drool


Loved the stat about highest number of collect phone calls from AT&T.

I wonder who needs more equipment to stay alive: scuba divers or astronauts?

The 9 y.o.

Mommy? I don’t like the gnome version of Romeo & Juliet. It’s creepy. I want to watch the one where the Montagues and Capulets are cartoon sea lions. You know, the one where they sing.

The 5 y.o.

You could kill someone and store the body on the bottom shelf of the frozen veggie aisle at Walmart and people wouldn’t know for a REALLY long time

The 12 y.o

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