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May 2011

Taxonomic Tree of 100 Superpowers







Menu Plan for the Week of 5/29 to 6/4

Sunday 5/29

b/ Steel-cut Oatmeal

l/ Leftover Pizza

d/ Tuna Casserole w Orange-Glazed Carrots


Monday 5/30

b/ Banana Pancakes w Bacon

l/ Meijer Fried Chicken, Tossed Green Salad

d/ Chicago-Style Hot Dogs, Macaroni Salad, Patriotic Berry Trifle


Tuesday 5/31

b/ Fruit Salad w Honey-Lime Dressing w Granola

l/ Ham & Cheese Wraps, Apple Cinnamon Crisps, Grapes, Leftover Trifle

d/ Spaghetti & Meatballs, Tossed Green Salad, Garlic Toast


Wednesday 6/1

b/ Fluffy Scrambled Eggs w Bacon

l/ 7-Layer Dip & Chips, Cookies

d/ Great Little Chicken Recipe, Rice, Kale w Bacon, Strawberry Shortcake (w Angel Food Cake)


Thursday 6/2

b/ Cold Cereal Bar w Fruit

l/ Turkey, Havarti & Guacamole Wraps, Tomatoes, Sun Chips, Leftover Strawberry Shortcake

d/ Pizza Night


Friday 6/3

b/ Charcuterie and Cheese w Artesian Bread, Fruit

l/ Peanut Butter & Apple Sandwiches, Carrot Sticks, Chocolate Pudding, Apple Cinnamon Crisps

d/ Cincinnati Chili w Waikiki Cornbread, Peach Pie


Saturday 6/4

b/ Blueberry Orange Muffins

l/ Leftovers

d/ Maple Salmon w Candied Walnut & Gorgonzola Salad

The Garden Is Planted!

Sowed the seeds and then accidentally left them out during a late season frost. Killed most of them, so I started again with some new seeds and buying some heirloom herbs from a nearby farm. Husband dug out the 30×10 bed in our south-facing back yard and applied 2.5 yards of rich compost to a largely clay-soil base. Mixed it well and let it sit for a couple of days before the initial planting on 5/14/11.


And then it rained. And rained. AND RAINED. All the pretty plant leaves turned yellow with all the rain we have had over the past 10 days. I just hope the seeds we sowed directly into the ground survived the epic rainfall. Time will tell.

Seeds from Baker Creek that we planted this year: Amaranth, Rapini Broccoli, Golden Beet, Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage, St Valery Carrot, White Belgian Carrot (Blanche A Collet Vert), Tendercrisp Celery, Strawberry Popcorn, Wade’s Giant Indian Flint Corn, Tante Alice Cucumber, Giant Cape Gooseberry, Arugula, Mache Verte a Coeur Plein 2, Autumn Giant Leek, Chadwick’s Rodan Lettuce, Emerald Gem Melon, Lollo Rosso Lettuce, Red Welsh Onion, Hollow Crown Parsnip, Orange Bell Pepper, Monstrueux De Viroflay Spinach, Connecticut Field Pumpkin, Brandywine Tomato, Chocolate Striped Tomato, Ali Baba Watermelon, Basil, Echinacea Purpurea, English Lavender, Oregano Vulgare and Aoyu Edamame


From the nursery seedlings, we planted yellow corn, strawberries, blueberries, garlic and rainbow chard. My daughters have an herb garden with rosemary, lavender, basil, thyme, mint, sorrel and sage.


With all the rain, I’ve been keeping some of the herbs, strawberries and tomatoes in pots on my porch, where they have been flourishing.


Can’t wait for the promised sun this Memorial Day weekend!

Hey look – it’s a balding, middle-aged white guy behind the wheel of a Corvette. I wonder if he knows he is a walking sterotype?

The 12 y.o.

I’m writing a persuasive essay called “Perfection vs Reality: Why Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned.” How’s this for an opening sentence: “Miss America is to adult pornography as child pageants are to kiddie porn.

The 12 y.o. who will be starting her Ph.D. in the Fall once she completes 7th grade

So here’s my list of 5 things I learned this week. Actually it was more like 10.
#1 Michigan’s weather is bi-polar, so bring a warm raincoat AND sunglasses wherever you go. We have 2 seasons here: freezin’ and scorchin’.
#2 Do not throw dirty underwear at your sister when she is angry with you.
#3 Eat healthy food regularly, even if you feel like you’re going to throw up.
#4 Listen to your English teacher about persuasive essays. Even if it IS boring.
#5 Don’t let the dog out of his crate when you have cheese in your hand.
#6 If a younger sister goes missing in the mall, go to Build-A-Bear to find her.
#7 Used tissues work really well to clean pencil marks off a desktop.
#8 Don’t rip up your homework in front of your teacher.
#9 The detention warden is actually really nice, IF you give her candy. And by the way, #8 is not related to #9.
#10. Sometimes the old coot at the Antiques Fair tells really good stories. Even if you can’t really understand him because he’s missing most of his teeth.

The 12 y.o. with her weekly round-up

Vector Graph Religions to Income


Via The New York Times

On May Madness

The 8 y.o.: Mom! Help! I’ve got a mad little sister after me!
The Mom: Mad as in crazy or mad as in angry?
The 8 y.o.: Yes.

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