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January 2011

Mommy – I don’t want you to die.

But everyone does.

So can you be sure to put in your will that *I* am the daughter who gets your Louis Vuitton collection?

The 12 y.o.


On Veggie Tales

The 8 y.o. (watching The Pirates episode of Veggie Tales): Why doesn’t the Captain have any arms? How is he steering the ship?
The 4 y.o.: Why does the Captain wear glasses if he doesn’t have any eyes?
The 8 y.o.: Actually none of the pirates have any arms. Or hands. How is the cucumber pirate wielding a sword? How do they hold things? I don’t get it.
The 12 y.o.: And how do they speak without mouths?
The 8 y.o.: Yeah. It’s all a little strange. They’re vegetables. Vegetables don’t talk.

Menu Plan for the Week of 1/30/11 to 2/6/11

Comfort Food Sunday 1/30

b. Bagels and Cream Cheese; Hard-Boiled Egg w Salt

l. Slow-Cooker Chicken BBQ Sandwiches on Whole Wheat Buns, French Fries, Vegetable Medley

s. Trail Mix or Granola Bar

d. Linguine (Pasta) w Pesto-Marscapone Sauce, Green Beans, Whole Wheat Rolls


Meatless Monday 1/31

b. Waffles w Strawberries, Milk

l. Arthur-Os, Whole Wheat Crackers, Cheese Square, Carrot Sticks, Apple

s. Banana Bread and Milk

d. Overstuffed Baked Potato Bar w Fixings, Salad


Italian Tuesday 2/1

b. Yogurt, Granola, Berry Parfaits

l. Macaroni & Cheese, Applesauce 2Go, Snap Peas, Cookies

s. Popcorn

d. Manicotti Casserole, Garlic Bread, Tossed Green Salad


Winter Wednesday 2/2

b. Pancakes w Maple Syrup, Milk

l. Noodle Soup, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Grape Tomatoes, Brownies

s. Banana and handful of Almonds

d. Chicken and Dumplings, Apple Pie w Vanilla Ice Cream


British Thursday 2/3

b. Steel-Cut Oatmeal w Dried Berries and Slivered Almonds, Milk

l. Chef’s Salad, Wheat Bread and Butter, Yogurt Tube, Pretzels

s. Easy S’mores (Graham Crackers, Nutella and Fluff)

d. Crock-Pot Corned Beef, Steamed Cabbage, Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls


Grillin Friday 2/4

b. Scrambled Egg and Bacon, Whole Wheat Toast and Jam, Apple Cider

l. Corned Beef & Havarti Cheese Sandwich, Potato Chips, Orange Slices, Grape Tomatoes

s. Apple Slices and P’Nut Butter or Honey

d. Cheeseburgers on the Grill, Whole Wheat Buns, Oven Fries, Corn & Black Bean Salad


Pizza Saturday 2/5

b. Panera Bagels and Cream Cheese, Fruit Salad

l.  Subway

s. Leftovers

d. Pizza Night


Family Feast Sunday 2/6

b. Cold Cereal w Fresh Fruit

l. Leftovers/Freezer Food

s. Chocolate Milkshakes

d. Southern Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Glazed Carrots, Pie


On Pedantics

The Dad: Here’s your hot chocolate, C.
The 4 y.o. (sips it): It’s too warm, Daddy.
The Dad: Do you want me to put cold milk in it.
The 4 y.o.: No. It’s too warm. Not too hot. You need to heat it up.
The Dad: You mean it’s too cold.
The 4 y.o.: No. It’s cold outside (points to the snow). My drink is TOO warm.

Americans & TV in 2011: How They’re Watching Television [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lab42, an innovative market research start-up, published results today of a study revealing how Americans are watching TV now compared to last year.

With Hulu, YouTube, and DVRs, it is easier than ever to make sure you do not miss your favorite televisions shows. Lab42 wanted to find out whether or not Americans are actually taking advantage of these innovations or if good, old cable is still the predominant television medium.

We found that the convergence of media and technology has dramatically changed how Americans are watching TV, especially for those under the age of 30. Check out this infographic below to find out more.

(click to enlarge image)

Two interesting points:

1. Nearly 60% of Americans are watching MORE television shows than a year ago.

2. VCRs are still used by 13% of Americans to record programs. That amounts to more than 20 million households.

What Startups Are Actually Getting Money? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The flood of venture capital from 2005 through 2007 slowed considerably, but after a slow 2009, the money and venture investors seem to be back in funding action. For the full year, 2,792 companies raised a total of $23.7 billion, but while the amount of fundings have returned, the deals change. See how in this infographic.

Stand Up, Start Up: An infographic on venture capital investments

Interpretation? Expect a wave of tech-based IPOs in 2011-2013. Can you say “Social Media Bubble”?

It’s rated G, which means Good. PG stands for Pretty Good, meaning there might be a bad word or something. PG-13 means there are at least 13 times when a bad word is used or drugs are shown or something else that kids shouldn’t see. And R? R means Revolting. Which is why I will never ever watch an R-rated movie.

The 8 y.o. interpreting the Hollywood rating system.

On The Worst Day Skiing Is Better Than The Best Day At School

The 4 y.o.: Mom, I had a REALLY bad day at school.
The Mom: Oh no! What happened?
The 4 y.o.: I didn’t get to go skiing. Only the Kindergartners got to ski. We just had to watch.
The Mom: Never mind. I’m sure you’ll get your turn soon. Let’s think about something good that happened.
The 4 y.o.: Circle time was a story about a woodpecker. My work was more letters. There are SO many letters!!! Then we watched the Kindergartners skiing. Then we had lunch. Blech. Can you tell daddy I don’t like food in a thermos? Nothing good ever comes out of a thermos. Oh, and pack more cookies.

Amnesia Connect Seamlessly Shares Content Across Smartphones and Tablets


Amnesia Razorfish Connect has been developed entirely in-house at Amnesia Razorfish by the creative and emerging technology teams.

Following months of research and development, Amnesia Razorfish has replaced the typical ‘send and receive’ interface with a more natural ‘gesture-based’ interface. A smartphone owner can now move their content freely between two devices by simply dragging content off their phone onto a Microsoft Surface Table and back onto another device instantly.

Amnesia Razorfish Founder and Executive Creative Director Iain McDonald said: “The previous barriers which stood in the way of getting content on or off your phone have been completely removed with this software.

“In the past device integration like this has been mainly confined to Hollywood movies or smoke and mirror demos, so we set ourselves the challenge of making it real.

“It took a while to crack, but the result speaks for itself – all the buttons are gone and sharing content is now completely instinctive. In a world where smartphones are becoming omnipresent, this kind of software opens another world of ideas for brands.”

Amnesia Connect allows gesture transfer of mobile content instantly

The smartphone user can transfer new free or commercial content from the table by dragging it directly to their phone with a single swipe – then before full transfer takes place, a preview instantly visible as a live motion tracked ‘lens preview’ through the phone display – similar to an X-ray through to the table.

For example, in less than a few seconds a photo can be taken on one device and dragged effortlessly onto the Surface table and then directly onto another device running on Amnesia Connect software.

“The new software promises a range of new possibilities for the retail and hospitality industries in particular. In the near future we envisage a Smartphone user being to complete commercial transactions for both physical and digital content,” McDonald said.

Amnesia Connect in action

The Amnesia Connect software works with all Apple IOS devices and is being further developed to work seamlessly with Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry Smartphones.

Amnesia Razorfish Connect utilises a range of technologies including Wi-Fi, proximity detection, unique ID and phone accelerometer, depending on the type of phone and location.

For in-store transactions, NFC (Near-Field-Communications) has been proposed as one of several possibilities for payment transactions, although a pre-authenticated user account with credit card details could also be used.

Amnesia Connect has also been developed to work with the new Microsoft Surface 2.0 table, that was announced at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Love the mobile web possibilities. Pretty cool technology.

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