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Field Notes from The Motherhood


August 2010

On Backpacks

The Mom: I’m ordering your new backpack online. Do you want it monogrammed with your name or your initials?
The 4 y.o: As long as it’s pink. With my name spelled out. And I want it on my lunchbox too.
The Dad: M-I-N-E


On Proverbs and Problems

The Dad (to the 11 y.o): Your Sunday School Teacher sent over some Proverbs for you to learn
The 4 y.o. (trying to copy): Your Sunday School Teacher sent over some problems for you to learn.

Oh, that’s just my butt singing.

The 4 y.o caught in the act of farting.

So the Chilean miners are like an episode of Lost. Except that they’re waaaay underground. And speaking spanish.

The 11 y.o.

There’s no electricity in my closet!

The 4 y.o (who needs a new light bulb)

It’s much better to read our comments on mommy’s blog than actually saying them.

The 8 y.o

On Occupations

The Mom to the 4 y.o: What do you want to be when you grow up?
The 4 y.o.: A sloth.

On Garlic

The 8 y.o (listing foods she doesn’t like): I don’t like onions. Or garlic.
The 11 y.o: But garlic keeps away vampires. Dad uses garlic in everything he cooks.
The Dad: And we’ve never seen any vampires around here. See? It works.

On Rulers

The Dad to the 4 y.o.: What are you doing with that ruler, C?
The 4 y.o.: I’m gonna do some ruling.

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