In searching for my favorite craigslist feature, the ‘best of’, I found what appears to be their new blog. Which makes perfect sense for this militantly customer-focused company whose CEO notoriously turned down advertising because he didn’t think that’s what his customers wanted to see on the web site.

Every entry relates back to the common topic of craigslist: interesting and arcane. Nice poke at Great follow up piece on that gut-wrenching story about the Oregon man whose worldly possessions were picked clean from his home as a result of an anonymously posted message / hoax on craigslist.

If you know me IRL, you know how passionate I am that people should blog, podcast or vlog (video).  The internet gives each and every one of us the ability to transmit our content — our voice — forever. Imagine your great, great, great, great grand-daughter watching your Christmas video (when the cat knocked the tree over…again) or reading your thoughts about being pregnant with her great, great, great grandmother.

In a business context, I get asked this ALL THE TIME: why should I blog? I’ve heard it all: “I work for minimum wage at a…deli, dry cleaner, coffee shop and when I’m off the clock, I’m off” OR “I have enough to do in my day job as a corporate executive and I’m already working 60 hour weeks” OR “I’m at home with kids all day. Nothing interesting ever happens to me.” Do you want to stay working at a minimum wage/slave labor camp/job? If yes, stop reading.  If no, then start blogging.  Blog about photography, make-up or being a white-trash mom (NOT that everyone earning minimum wage is a white trash mom…it’s humor, folks).

If Craigslist can blog, so can you.  Start today.  Go to Blogger and sign up for free.  It will take 10 minutes to get your first entry posted.  Good luck!